Tribal Relief

There are many programs available that offer rent relief for families financially impacted by COVID-19. On this page you'll find a list of programs available by village and/or tribal citizenship. Follow the links for information on each program, including a short description, eligibility, application, deadline, and contact information. 

Many of the housing relief programs listed also allow funds to be used toward utilities and other eligible expenses. If you do not see your community listed or you need financial assistance with expenses other than rent, please refer to Other Relief & Resources.

Are You a Public Housing Tenant or Voucher Recipient?

If you live in Alaska Housing Finance Corporation's Public Housing or you participate in the Housing Choice Voucher Program, we have housing relief specifically you! Find out more information about the Safety Net Program.

Rent Relief Programs in Your Community or by Tribal Citizenship

What To Do if You're Not Eligible for Programs Listed on This Website

We will add to this list as we are made aware of any other programs. If you do not find housing relief for which you are eligible, click here for more information.