Legal Rights & Aid

There are many federal and state housing laws that protect you as a renter. For more information about your rights, to get legal advice about eviction, or to report a case of housing discrimination, please refer to the legal resources listed below. For a quick summary of your rights, click here

Alaska Legal Services Corporation

Questions about your lease or problems with your rental unit? Contact ALSC to speak to an attorney for free.

For More Information:
Web: Alaska Legal Services Corporation
Helpline: (907) 743-1000 (in Anchorage); (855) 743-1001 (outside Anchorage)

Alaska Pro Bono Program

An allied effort of the Alaska Bar Association and the Alaska Legal Services Corporation designed to provide volunteer legal help for low-income Alaskans. 

For More Information:
Web: Alaska Pro Bono Program
Phone: (907) 272-9431

HUD: Fair Housing Act

HUD’s Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity (FHEO) works to eliminate housing discrimination and promote civil rights and economic opportunity through housing. FHEO enforces fair housing laws. One of its roles is to investigate complaints of housing discrimination. If you believe you have been discriminated against in violation of any of these federal fair housing laws, you can file a complaint with FHEO.

For More Information
Web: HUD Fair Housing Act

Elder Aid

Provides information about programs in place to assist seniors in exercising their rights, help secure benefits to which they are entitled and work to protect them from abuse and exploitation.

For More Information
Web: Eldercare Locator

State of Alaska Landlord and Tenant Act

This act includes landlord and tenant rights and obligations under Alaska law. 

For More Information
Web: State of Alaska Landlord and Tenant Act
Download: The Alaska Landlord & Tenant Act: What It Means To You