For Landlords

Alaska Housing Rent Relief is no longer accepting applications or appeals. Visit for historical information about this program.

When Rent Relief Is Complete

For tenants whose rent relief is about to end or has ended, resources may be available through AHFC and/or partner agencies.

If you participated as a landlord in the rent relief program and have questions about a letter you received from AHFC regarding overpayment, please note that walk-in appointments will not be accepted. Please email or call (907) 330-8281 for assistance.

Register Now to Receive Payment

Landlords can help tenants successfully secure funding by registering as a landlord in our system.

Adding your information to the portal in advance will facilitate quicker payment to you once tenants are approved for rent relief. By registering with Alaska Housing Rent Relief you will:

  • Reduce the number of requests from tenants for your information.
  • Expedite review by providing documentation such as a lease agreement or W9 form.
  • Get paid faster by providing your tax and payment information.

Tenants Must Manage Their Application

Renters must follow the application process themselves. However, you can help them be successful by knowing how the program works and being able to help them with the application process. Payments will be issued directly to you, the landlord, and utility companies. Find more FAQs here.