For Landlords

Rent and Mortgage Relief Programs

In your role as a landlord you want to make sure that your tenants can comply with the terms of their lease, including rent payments. If you own the rental property and are making mortgage payments, collecting rent becomes even more important. When renters are impacted financially by COVID-19, so are you.

To give you the resources you need to direct your tenants to rent relief — and to help you find mortgage relief — we've compiled a list of rent and mortgage relief programs. Learn more here.

if you accept ahfc's housing vouchers

A Safety Net program has been established that temporarily reduces the rent your tenants pay, but AHFC's payment to you is increased. Learn more here.

Guidance on Evictions, Foreclosure, and Forbearance

As a landlord you need to be aware of current eviction moratoriums. If you own rental properties for which you pay a mortgage, you also need to be aware of foreclosure and forbearance. You'll find helpful guidance here

Your Rights As a Landlord and Where to Find Legal Aid

You need to know your rights as a landlord, and possibly a homeowner. You also need to know your tenants' rights. Find legal advice here