For Mortgage Servicers

Register Now to Receive Payment

Mortgage Servicers can help homeowners successfully secure funding by registering as a Servicer in our system.

By registering with Alaska Housing Homeowner Assistance you will facilitate quicker payment to you once homeowners are approved for assistance.

Providing information in advance will:

  • Reduce the number of requests from homeowners for your information.
  • Expedite review by providing information on mortgage status. 
  • Get paid faster by providing your tax and payment information.

While homeowners must manage the application process themselves, payments will be issued directly to Mortgage Servicers. 

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Does your corporate policy prevent you from accessing or submitting online registration? Please contact us so we can assist. Email Dayna Corey at or call (907) 330-8209.

Regular Email Updates

An e-newsletter will regularly be distributed to Mortgage Servicers with current information about Homeowner Assistance, including the status of application review, relevant applicant data, and important steps that you can take to expedite the distribution process.

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Alaska Housing Homeowner Assistance Toolkit

This toolkit contains informational content about Homeowner Assistance, as well as educational resources to share with homeowners.

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Homeowner Assistance FAQS for Mortgage Lenders & Servicers

Learn more about the program and answers to questions specifically for lenders and servicers.

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Informational Webinar & Panel Discussion

Watch a recording of AHFC's webinar and panel discussion about Alaska Housing Homeowner Assistance.

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Download a PDF of the presentation here.