Eviction Guidance for AHFC Voucher Program Participants

Are you a Housing Choice Voucher recipient? Have you experienced pandemic-related hardship that has impacted your ability to pay rent? You've come to the right place! Review the information below to see if you are eligible for temporary eviction bans, to learn about AHFC's rent relief program and other financial resources, and to find out what specific steps you should take to keep your housing secure.  

Will I be Evicted?

If you receive a Housing Choice Voucher, your rental is managed by a private landlord. Due to the temporary ban on evictions put in place by the federal government, if you meet certain eligibility requirements your landlord cannot evict you even if you are unable to pay your rent. To learn more about the temporary eviction ban, important steps that you must take to declare your eligibility, and how to communicate your eligibility to your landlord, click here.

What Should I Do if I Can't Pay Rent? 

AHFC has implemented a special hardship process to provide immediate rent relief to our families affected by income loss due to COVID-19. In addition to contacting your landlord and following the steps above, we encourage you to contact your AHFC case manager directly and to apply for Safety Net. 

Will I Need to Catch Up on Unpaid Rent? 

Yes. A moratorium on evictions does not mean that you don't have to pay rent, or that you won't have to catch up on unpaid rent in the future. Follow the links below to learn how you can prioritize paying rent and how to request a repayment plan.

Additional Resources

We know that staying housed in a time of crisis is stressful. In addition to taking the steps above, we encourage you to access the resources below and to contact us for assistance!