How To Verify Your Income for Rent & Utility Relief

Why Do I Need to Provide My Household Income?

To qualify for Alaska Housing Rent Relief, there is a maximum household income level which varies, depending on where you live. You are asked you to provide your household income so that we can determine if you are eligible for rent and/or utility relief. During the application process, you will be asked to provide some basic information to verify the income for all members of your household. Read on to find out what counts as household income, and how to provide verification. 

What Counts As Household Income? 

The following sources are considered income and included when calculating your eligibility for Alaska Housing Rent Relief.

  • Wages, salaries, tips, commission, bonuses, awards
  • Unemployment benefits (excluding COVID-related stimulus money)
  • Interest from bank accounts, money markets, etc.
  • Investment income from stocks, mutual funds, etc.
  • Self-employment income such as business interests, rental income, etc.
  • Any other income, such as alimony, capital gains, etc.

Certain expenses are also taken into account and can be deducted from your overall household income, such as:

  • Educator expenses, such as unreimbursed expenses for books, supplies, etc.
  • Cost of college tuition and related fees
  • Personal funds paid to a Health Savings Account
  • Personal funds paid into retirement accounts
  • Contributions made to qualified charitable organizations
  • Other expenses, such as work expenses, capital losses, etc.

What Counts As Verification Of Income? 

We'll ask for basic documentation to verify your income. While what we request will be specific to your application, here are some examples:

  • Pay stubs showing last year's total income or this year's monthly income
  • A letter of unemployment approval

What If I'm Not Absolutely Certain About All Household Income & Deductions? 

That's okay! We encourage you to calculate income information for your household to the best of your knowledge. The application is not an official tax document and you will have the opportunity to make adjustments during the verification process.